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connects cultures!


Our Mission


ExpoTranskultur promotes intercultural communication and organises activities that strengthen the connection and understanding between immigrants and natives.

ExpoTranskultur aims to build bridges for reflection and to promote dialogue about our multicultural environment.


Through events and workshops we want to create such links (both personal and professional) between different cultural groups.


We want to offer opportunities to improve communication skills and to create new personal contacts.



Our goals


  • Raising awareness of interculturality in society based on mutual openness and fundamental shared values.

  • Promoting constructive dialogue between immigrants and locals and thereby strengthening intercultural coexistence in the community. Promote a mutually positive relationship between migrants and locals.

  • Intercultural exchange of experiences and openness to new things. Promoting ethical values such as respect, fairness, openness, understanding, acceptance and tolerance.

Our values

Cultural Diversity
& Respect

Respect is essential for genuine intercultural dialogue. Cultural diversity provides fertile ground for a diverse and respectful society

Team Work
& Cooperation

We can only achieve our goals as a team, we can only achieve an integrative society together. Through dialogue, cooperation and striving for a common goal, we will be successful.

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Sportliches Mädchen
& Participation

Participation promotes intercultural dialogue. Social participation through playful creativity is a key component for an inclusive society.

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Acceptance & Empathy

We accept people as they are. Our key values are acceptance and empathy, we promote social cohesion and are committed to an accepting and peaceful society.

Opening & Inclusion

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. This can lead to segregation and conflict. Openness and the promotion of activities that involve all people lead to social cohesion

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ExpoTranskultur has existed since 2013
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