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 ETKultur connects cultures!

At ETKultur we believe in the importance of the community, we promote the creative encounter, the recognition of the skills and abilities of each person regardless of their country of origin, profession, age or beliefs.

• We are a meeting platform between migrants and locals
• We believe that art and creativity are the universal language that can unite cultures
• We organize events where people can use their creativity together and meet new people at the same time
• We like to know different cultures, different creative manifestations and visions of the world.
• We support equality of opportunities, equity, inclusion, respect and empathy! If you agree with our vision and our values, we need you in the team! ​


  • 18 August: Team Treff! We get to know each other. Meeting place Zehntenhaus. Zehntenhausstrasse 8, 8046, Zurich. 3 to 6 pm.

  • 25 August: 2 to 6 pm. Support with coffee break and workshop

  • August 27: 5 to 10 pm. Support in the "Cultural Lab" event

  • 8 September: Organizational meeting. Zehntenhausstrasse 8.

  • 11, 12, 13 September: "KuBeA Fest Affoltern" (support with organization, implementation, checklist, workshops, translations, etc)

  • October 2020 - Meetings with team and participants of the event Transfomation (31 Oct - 1 Nov)


You can be part of our team! Practice your social skills, learn languages and have fun! Please contact us here or at volunteers@expotranskultur.org so that we can inform you in more detail about our program.


Thank you!

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The ExpoTranskultur (ETKultur) is constantly looking for volunteers for its intercultural, interdisciplinary and highly motivated team.

​Contact: volunteers@expotranskultur.org