Our mission

ExpoTranskultur promotes intercultural communication and organises activities that strengthen the connection and understanding between immigrants and natives.

ExpoTranskultur aims to build bridges for reflection and to promote dialogue about our multicultural environment. Through events and workshops we want to create such links (both personal and professional) between different cultural groups. We want to offer opportunities to improve communication skills and to create new personal contacts.


Our goals

  • Raising awareness of interculturality in society based on mutual openness and fundamental shared values.

  • Promoting constructive dialogue between immigrants and locals and thereby strengthening intercultural coexistence in the community. Promote a mutually positive relationship between migrants and locals.

  • Intercultural exchange of experiences and openness to new things. Promoting ethical values such as respect, fairness, openness, understanding, acceptance and tolerance.

Our values
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Our experience

  • September:, “Red Tower” Baden. Over 100 visitors.
  • October: ExpoTranskultur 2013: At home in Zurich. GZ Seebach. Approx. 250 visitors.
  • July: Second prize at the Innovation Award Integration 2014. Specialist office for integration issues. Canton Zurich.
  • October: ExpoTranskultur 2014: My Quarter, Our Quarter. GZ Affoltern. Approx. 400 visitors.
  • September: ExpoTranskultur 2015: Zurich together into the future. With GZ Buchegg - Brache Guggach. Approx. 700 visitors.
  • March, June, September and December: 4 dialogue tables during the year in the tithing house. With GZ Affoltern and Quartierverein Affoltern, in the tenth house. 70 visitors.
  • September: The Intercultural World Table 2015. With GZ Hirzenbach. Approx. 135 visitors.
  • September: Participation in the "Encounter Festival", GZ Seebach. Approx. 80 visitors.
  • Participation in the film evening "Migrations Doppelpack" with 2 rounds of discussion
GZ Affoltern. Approx. 50 visitors.
  • October: Annual cultural festival "ExpoTranskultur 2016:" My / Our everyday life here ". GZ Hirzenbach and Quartierverein Schwamendingen. Approx. 500 visitors.
  • March, June, August, November: Zurich Affoltern Is (s) t. Collaboration project with the Affoltern community center and Affoltern neighborhood association: four activities during the year in the tenth house:
Theater with children and young people for the successful integration of the Islamic Association SIG, approx. 80 visitors.
"Enjoying food and alphorn music", approx. 30.
"Eat, shape and exchange", approx. 35 visitors.
"Eating, music and bagging", approx. 40 visitors.
  • "Expotino Intercultural Parcour". With GZ Buchegg. Approx. 100 visitors.
  • "Intercultural World Table" at the "Hausfest Oerlikon". With GZ Oerlikon. Approx. 80 visitors.
  • Wall painting on the "Unterdorffäscht". Unterdorf, Affoltern. Approx. 20 visitors.
  • November, cultural festival "The quarter tells" GZ Oerlikon.
  • Affoltern Is (s) t: 3 events: April 6, June 29, September 7
  • Kloten Malt: Colored World Project. Mural painting with an asylum center in Klotenerplatz
  • "Intercultural World Table" in GZ Hirzenbach
  • "Zäme build, tame gstalte" cooperation event with construction playground Affoltern and Mondopoly
  • Photo competition with "Zurich Day"
  • July, cultural festival "Why we Dance" paper hall, FOLIUM Sihlcity
  • November, "Analog Experiences" cultural festival in cooperation with Baubüro in situ AG , Hohlstrasse.
  • May. 3 days event "Hotel Babylon" in cooperation with Teather GZ Buchegg
  • June, Kloten match day, "Colorful Portraits" project "For a colorful world in Switzerland"
  • June 17. Participation in the Kloten "Encounter Festival 2018"
  • April, "Intercultural World Table" in GZ Hirzenbach
  • InterAct! in Affoltern project.
Settlement festivals
Cultural Lab in Tenth House
Cultural sharing in tithing house
Colored wool: crochet atelier
Reading group from Spanish: Persèfone
  • InterAct! in Affoltern:
Participation in settlement and center festivals in Affoltern (Ruggächern, Unteraffoltern 1, Georg-Kempf, Center ELCH Frieden)
Cultural Lab: 3 events in Tenth House
Cultural sharing in the ELCH center
Creative workshops
Colored wool: crochet atelier
Reading group from Spanish: Persèfone
Coffee Break: Intercultural Coffee Treff
  • April, "Intercultural World Table" in Hirzenbach
  • September "Together like bees: Art to build Urban Swarms" 2 weeks on Stadelhoferplatz as part of the first edition "About Us intercultural program week". Project in cooperation with Arquitecture For Refugees Switzerland and Listening Switzerland.
  • InterAct! in Affoltern:
Cultural Lab: Arab Calligraphie Workshop
Creative Workshops
Farbige Wolle: Häkel Atelier
Spanish reading club: Persèfone
Coffee Break: Intercultural Coffee Meeting point
  • ​September. "KuBeA Fest 2020: Kunst und Begegnungsfest Affoltern und Projektwoche" with Verein Funk and Schulhaus Im Birch
  • Oktober. "ETKultur 2020:Transformation" on Line