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The people who took part in the exhibitions of the ExpoTranskultur Association and the activities all had something to say about immigration and integration issues in Switzerland. They belong to different cultural groups, speak several languages, and have different professional backgrounds. All of this has helped us create the solid ground on which we base our main concept: we are all human, neighbors, and we want to interact!


Find out more about their activities


> Settore Giada ,  Music.

Jeanette Matamoros,  Workshop and exhibition

> MCR Art Productions , 

> The bread and butter . Charlotte von Bausznern, workshop

> Dominguez / Rosauro . installation

> Daniela Quispe and her Funky Crew . dance

> Erika Grava, Fabbrica di Zurigo Association , exhibition

> Caracol project ,  "Oerlikon", wall painting. 

> DJ Dario, “Kid's Rap”. Workshop and show.

> Stassi / Calevi , interactive activity.

> China choir,  Choir, dance, fashion show, slide show.

> Liliana Torres, dance workshop.

> Magdalena Ostrokolska / Migration Museum ,  Interactive activity.

> Moreno Tuttoben , workshop and exhibition

> The blue traffic light, "SPINAT zine - Expo Edition". Illustration magazines

> Antonio Scarponi , exhibition.

> Raquel Santos,  Workshop

> Ayala / Weber , workshop

> Palm trees in the north,  Crafts and games.

> Maeva Arnold,  Game development: Mix-media with painting and installation.

> Jorge Komotar, video and panel discussion.

> Pippilotta , interactive gimmick.

> Oerlikon Local History Association (OVO) , “Spots on the history of Oerlikon”.

> Irena Kulka . Butoh performance.


> A.Tesar. Open musical experience. (Arg. Musician)

Lugares Vivos. Concert.

> The Physical Lips. Dada Darkshow. (CH)

Malaika. Refugee's Theater Group. (Multicultural)

> S. Tanner. Photography. (CH)

D. Campos & A. Domínguez . Installation. (Mex)

> P. Ayala, C. Hurst & I. Wackernagel. Workshop and Installation. (CH-Mex)

F. Merz. Photography. (Bolivia)

> R. Dorantes . Installation. (Mex)

K. Gassmann & J. Berrettini, workshop. (CH-Mex)

> J. Berrettini & P. Ayala. Exposure. (Mex)

Simbiosis Activa. Workshop. (Colombia)

> T. Carrasco. Collective Mural. (Chile-Ita)

Tonatiu Mexican dance group. Workshop. (Mex-CH)

> Association INCA Switzerland. Interactive installation. (Ita)

Club palms in the north. Open cultural experience for women. (Morocco)

> J. Rodríguez. Open creative experience. (Spain)

J. Komotar. Video and Reading. (Spain)




> Paloma Ayala  (Mex, visual artist )

Marisela Barreras (Cu, visual artist )

> Janeth Berretinni  (Ven, visual artist )

Daniel Espinoza (Mex, photographer )

> Nicola Genovese (IT, visual artist )

Isabelle Grohmann  (Swi, GZ Team)

> Laura Leuizzi (IT, art historian )

> Alba Chantico Ledesma  (Mex, philosopher )

Maéva Hormain  (Fra, GZ team)

Bettina Jawneh  (Swi, GZ Team)

Denise Nickerson (USA, Educational Consultant)

Judith Ormazabal (Chi, psychologist )

Lisa Pedicino (IT, art historian )

Moni Pellet (Swi, GZ Team)

> Merce de Rande  (Spa, artist )

Irene Rodriguez (Chi, radio broadcaster)

Kanal Shah (In, Batik Entrepreneur) 

> Lugares Vivos (Swi, Cu, music)

Strozzapreti Improvtheater Group




> Paloma Ayala (Mex, visual artist )

Billy Bühler (Swi, media  Artist )

> Patrick Bussmann (Swi, scientist and photographer)

> Ricardo Dorantes (Mex, radio broadcaster)

> Rolando Duartes (Cuba, visual artist )

> Carolina Flores (Swi / Mex, designer)

> Xanat Flores (Mex, scientist and photographer )

Lucía Jardón (Mex, PhD student in political science )

> Alba Chantico Ledesma (Mex, philosopher)

> Mona Liem (Indo, photographer)

Judith Ormazabal (Chile, psychologist )

> Elizabeth Reta (Arg, visual artist )

> Cristian Rojas (Bol, carpenter)

> Verena Schaer (Swi / Mex, actress )

> Pascal Suprapto Schmid (Swi, visual artist )

> Gregory Tkac (USA, author)

> Luis Venegas (Chi, actor)

> Cecilia Ugarte (Chi, musician)

> Fátima Villa (Mex, actress )

> Simone Züger (Swi, teacher)

> Strozzapreti Improvtheater Group

> Young people from the Brunnenhof family settlement




Elena Moreno (Chi, Business)

CLOUD are  Alondra Badillo (Chi, district student)  

and Kiana Vismara (Mal,  District student)

Diana Hernández (Col, musician)

> Merce de Rande (spa, artist )

> Janeth Berretinni (Ven, visual artist )

Rosa Medina (Arg, photographer)

Emilio Vega (Chi, Business)


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