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The 5 ETK formats

The ExpoTranskultur association promotes integration through the motivation, planning and implementation of joint activities by immigrants and locals. These activities are didactic and have an intercultural perspective. We offer five different formats for this:


1st cultural festival

The annual two-day event brings together various selected projects and three basic components: the exhibition, the table of dialogue and the work-

shops. The planning and implementation of this event takes place in collaboration with the community centers and the neighborhood associations.

Exhibition design and construction


The exhibition on design and construction (of walls and furniture) was led by various carpenters and the designer Cristian Rojas, with the assistance of Paloma Ayala and many other volunteers who assisted during the manufacturing process.


Every wall and piece of furniture is unique, but all of them follow the same design line and technique. They used the same materials and were inspired by the structural details of Swiss-German houses.

The curator of our culture festival is Eleonora Stassi.

3. Intercultural world table

Interactive cooking event that uses food as a metaphor for interculturality. Together people prepare new dishes with the ingredients of various typical dishes from all over the world.


When different cultures meet and create something new together, then interculture is achieved.

2. For a colorful world in Switzerland

ExpoTranskultur supports the school community with its experience in intercultural integration in order to improve coexistence in the school.

Our model uses art and dialogue as tools to promote integration and awareness of interculturality. As an activity we create a collective wall painting with the participation of the school community.

Together with the school management, the teachers, the students and the families, ETK is building an intercultural team.

5. Workshops and activities throughout the year

Workshops and activities throughout the year continuously promote intercultural exchange between the various groups living in the neighborhood. The workshops and activities are multilingual and the connection between the participants is actively promoted. The topics of the workshops are diverse and attractive and are planned with our collaboration partners.

4. ExpoTino: Intercultural course

Expotino is a game for multicultural teams. The team members have to show their ability to find common answers to the questions and challenges. This requires dialogue and intercultural solutions

Are you interested in ExpoTranskultur?

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