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Women's Rights V

Blog 1: Part 5 --- Women's Rights: Today


I hope that no girl will be laughed at again when she says she wants to be a federal councillor, with three incumbent federal councillors, 16-years Ms. Merkel and an American vice-president that should go without saying! A lot has been achieved at the political level, women still earn less economically, are systematically disadvantaged as competitors, receive less pocket money, less wages, and less pensions. Single mothers have the highest risk of poverty. Any discrimination affects minorities even more exponentially, so the risk of having to live in poverty with children as a dark-skinned woman without a Swiss passport and little knowledge of German is higher than for a Swiss woman.

Switzerland was exotic and backwoods, sexist and arrogant, that behaviour has not completely disappeared, a lot has changed, but there is still a lot to do, much more than what has been mentioned here.

Who was faster, a few examples:

Gaining women's suffrage worldwide

New Zealand 1893, Finland 1906, Germany 1918, Spain 1931, France 1944,

1930s Brazil, Turkey and Sri Lanka

1940s Argentina, China & Venezuela

1950s Egypt. India & Malaysia

1960 Iran, Sudan & Algeria

Switzerland is known for its graphic talents, here are two examples from 1946:

More info:über-das-parlament/politfrauen/eroberung-der-gleichrechte/frauenstimmrecht

Swiss women in art

A film worth seeing on the subject: The Divine Order by Petra Volpe

all Swiss films free:

Mickry 3,, a cool Zurich women's trio can also be seen in public spaces: for example on Bernstrasse “Fruchtexpress: Schlieren - Zurich - Schlieren” or in the Zurich exhibition in the Landesmuseum (free but currently Unfortunately closed)

Sophie Hunger, good music:

Stephanie Grob, good author:

Hazel Brugger, Spoken Word:

Many Zurich theaters are run by women, here is a selection, unfortunately all of them are currently closed:

Theater Neumarkt, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, even theater

... and the Zurich cultural directorate is now run by two women in the team!

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