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Winds of change

By Adriana Olmos

North winds or south winds, coming or going, hers or his?

Historically, human beings have marked differences between themselves. But it took a pandemic to understand that we are all exposed, that there is no distinction of race, colour or religion to it. That there are no borders or walls, because the world is one.

Today we know with certainty that vulnerability unites us, because in the end we are all at risk. But it has also become clear that it is up to humans to overcome, resist, persist and move forward.

Human vulnerability has led us to break down paradigms, to value what is essential and to see life differently. We have had to isolate ourselves from one another to understand that there are other ways of doing things, other beliefs, other truths. Being vulnerable has also allowed us to see the vulnerability in others and to see ourselves with eyes of equality, respect and dignity.

This new look must be the engine that rebuilds the ties that unite us as society, because after the health crisis comes the work of rebuilding ties, comes putting at the service of the world all the power that emanates from a crisis, courage: human value whose meaning comes from the Latin Cor: corazón - heart, and implies having the courage to face a difficulty with courage and determination.

Today the social challenge is to assume our vulnerability with the greatest of courage. And so perhaps, if the lessons are correctly learned and internalized, we can soon live in a more supportive and compassionate world. A world that values, learns and respects human diversity.

Only time will tell if those of us who are living in this moment, have correctly assumed the responsibility of marking the best possible route for that wind of change that is shaking the whole world today.

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