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I trust you, that you're going to stay home.

Aktualisiert: 29. Apr. 2020

Values for times of crisis

Today the world is in a state of emergency. In Zurich we are in the second week of the quarantine caused by COVID-19 and as a result, we are looking for new ways to keep our community in touch. This blog is one of them.

Today I want to share with you a reflection on values. I have always been convinced that values are the foundation of societies. These moral, and ideally ethical, agreements about things that are positive for us individually and socially, are what we call "values" and that, in the end, give us security to act in the right way. Values are very useful for the survival of social groups, because they promote positive and loving behaviour, which helps us to establish positive relationships with ourselves and with others. When we live with values we achieve trust, that state of love, respect and empathy that is fundamental in times of crisis. Only if we trust each other, the medical reports, the reports of our governments, and act from these ethical bases, will we be able to overcome this crisis and come out renewed. These are the basic reasons why values are one of the nodal or main elements of our ETKultur Association. In November 2019 the ETKultur community met in an extraordinary event, our annual "Visionsday" where together we decided which values give meaning to our work. We organized them and they were reflected in our new logo in a beautiful way, thanks to the support and talent of our creative team.

We have projected these values in our logo, giving each pair of values a color. Look at our scheme and tell us in the comments, what place these values have in your life, share with us what you consider fundamental and, if you agree, we invite you to live them with us every day. We will be very happy to read your words in the comments! We wish you health, optimism and strength!

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