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Found in Translation 2022

Das e-Book

"Found in Translation: translation migratory experiences into art" (FiT) was initiated in 2021 as a creative response by ETKultur to the constant indifference and exclusion of people from different migration contexts. For us, any strengthening of bonds and social cohesion is based on ethical values. Therefore, our projects aim to strengthen them in order to improve our coexistence. FiT aims to promote empathy and acceptance in society. A pilot version of the project was carried out in 2021 and due to the good results we launched the first edition of the project in 2022.

In this e-publication we present the results of this first edition, which culminated in an exhibition at the Helmhaus in Zurich.
Here you will find comments and reflections on the nature and implementation of the project, as well as a series of thanks to the people and institutions who have supported us along the way. The first part of the book contains the short stories about the migratory experiences of our participants, in their original language as well as the artistic translation of these experiences by an artist or a creative person. We call this combination of storyteller and artist "Tandem", it was the synergistic axis that triggered the empathetic experience in this project. In the second part of the text you will find the stories translated into German. 

Das FiT E-book für Dich

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