Found in Translation

A project of ETKultur

We  are looking for creatives and / or artists from all disciplines who are interested in participating in a social and binding project that promotes empathy, acceptance and inclusion in today's society, through artistic manifestations.

If you are interested in presenting a work in an intercultural and interdisciplinary space, take part!

We are looking for artistic expressions that could reproduce the events and emotions of a narrative about a migration experience that someone else went through.

We offer you an open stage for your creativity and the opportunity to meet people from other cultures, age groups, professions and beliefs.  

You can do a lot to help build a bridge between migrants and locals through your interdisciplinary, cross-generational and interpersonal piece.

All costs that arise in carrying out your work are covered by ETKultur. The average time for the development of the work is 2 months, from May to June 2022. The final exhibition will take place at the end of june 2022.

Registration from November to January 28, 2022

​​Questions?   Foundintranslation @ expotranskultur. org




Would you like to write down one of your migratory experiences? Would you like to take part in a creative writing process and learn the basic tools for writing creative texts in your own language? At the end of the workshop you will have written a chapter of your life story that will be translated into two languages and will serve as inspiration for an artistic work.

Your story will be a legacy, something you contribute so that others can experience migration and learn new ways of solidarity, empathy and inclusion from it. Register and take part in this new project of the ETKultur association.

The workshops consist of 4 personal sessions and, if necessary, 1 or 2 sessions with individual support in developing your text. Participation in all workshops is compulsory.


Join to the "Found in Translation" writing workshops, deadline until January 28, 2022




Found in Translation: a process of encounters and translations.
Take part!
Taking Notes in the Park

As a "writer" FiT offers you the possibility of:


  • reflect on your migration experience

  • taking part in the creative process of a writing workshop.

  • Writing down your migration experience and turn it into a written legacy.

  • seeing your story turned into a piece of art.

  • Taking part in the creative process of an artist

  • -Attend an opening event and share your experience with others.




As an "artist" or a creative person, FiT is an opportunity to

  • come into contact with people of different cultures, age groups and professions

  • Getting to know migration experiences and the associated emotionality.

  • express your artistic sensitivity

  • be free to create an artistic work

  • exhibit your work in an interactive event

  • Influence our current history building a more empathic and responsive society.

What is FiT
Image by Daniel Lonn

Found in Translation is an intercultural encounter project that promotes empathy in society through the exchange and translation of stories into literary texts, and experiences and emotions from texts into artistic forms of expression.

The artistic translation is a bridge that connects us with others and invites us to feel, understand and empathize.

  1. Promotion of empathy in society as the most important value for acceptance, integration and social development.

  2. Recognize and document the experiences and feelings of migrants through collaborative and interdisciplinary work conveyed through various artistic manifestations.

  3. Creation of a connection point between different people that crosses cultural, social and linguistic boundaries.


The project will be developed in 3 phases:


1. The phase of literary creation and artistic approach, in which you can take part in a writing workshop in order to transform your own migration experiences into a written text. Your text will then be sent to an artist (no matter what discipline) or creative person and will serve as inspiration for the development of a piece of art (the writing workshops are held in 3 languages: German, English and Spanish).
2. The phase of interpersonal encounter and artistic inspiration, in which you can meet the artist (creative person) who is working on your text and tell your story, but also zou can get to hear his ideas, concerns and suggestions for interpreting yours story. If necessary, you will be assisted by a translator.
3. The phase of linking and "founding in translation": this is where literary and artistic works are shared with a wider audience, in the context of an event that offers the opportunity to experience greater openness and empathy between participants and visitors.