InterAct! in Affoltern Zürich

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What InterAct! is


InterAct! is a project of ExpoTranskultur, which promotes the local integration of people in Affoltern Zurich.

  • Local integration project

  • Fostering creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Intercultural communication

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What can InterAct! offer?

  • InterAct! offers easier access to intercultural exchange and dialogue.

  • InterAct! brings like-minded groups of participants into contact and conversation.

  • InterAct! activates the community with the know-how of the Expo Transkultur association.


How is InterAct! financed?

InterAct! is lucky to be financed by donations from the City of Zurich's integration program.

What is the focus of InterAct! ?


  • Creating synergies

  • Enabling collaborations

  • Fostering understanding

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Why is InterAct! sustainable?


The Expo Transkultur association acts as a bridge between various committed people, institutions and associations from Affoltern and Hirzenbach, with the intention that this bridge will gradually support itself and that contacts between different groups or institutions will develop on their own.