Kunst- und Begegnungsfest

Zurich Affoltern

Are you an active and creative person? This will spark your interest!

In the first week of September (7-11 September 2020), we will build a wooden structure on a public square with school children as part of a project week on sustainability. This structure will then be a place for cultural meetings during the subsequent autumn weekend (11-13 September 2020). Stage, exhibition, cultural exchange space for people from all over Zurich!


Therefore, we would like to involve the people of Affoltern and invite all the existing communities, all cultural associations, church communities, retirement homes, to contribute to our structure. All contributions are welcome, your creativity is the limit here!


Or maybe you would like to contribute a project idea for the event? Any activity during KuBeA?

It could be an interactive performance, theatre, music performance, a creative workshop, game night... ideas are plenty. 

The project should consider the goals of InterAct (see here), suggest a bidget so we could contrubute to the costs and seek support, have a schedule and provide information whether or not volunteer work is needed. Let us know what you want to contribute and we will think about how to make it real!


Help ETKultur!

Get involved  as a volunteer!

The ExpoTranskultur (ETKultur) is constantly looking for volunteers for its intercultural, interdisciplinary and highly motivated team.

​Contact: volunteers@expotranskultur.org