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connects cultures!

Mission Statement

We want

To bring immigrants and locals closer together. To do this, we exchange stories, customs, ways of life and creative ideas about life with one another, thereby promoting understanding and helping to fill in cultural gaps.

We offer

In addition, publicly accessible events such as exhibitions, workshops and much more. Locals and migrants exchange ideas and talents, as interactively as possible, so that a dialogue develops between both sides.

We mediate

In this way, understanding, discussion and broadening of horizons among the cultures that are represented in our population are key for us. We pay particular attention to bringing people closer to what is different and to breaking down prejudices. Happy and informal encounters and open cooperation are a matter of course for us.

We work

Mostly free of charge and voluntarily, and we welcome contributions. We are politically and religiously neutral. We adapt to the diversity of cultures and languages. Equal treatment and empathy  are our main principles. Dialog, community and joy are important to us.

Where we work

Mainly in the city of Zurich, the North area and some municipalities of canton of Zurich. We work with associations, community centers and cultural organizations.

We want to offer opportunities to improve communication skills and create new personal contacts.



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